Navy Boot Camp Kit Boxed Set-11 cards with Envelopes + a Pin Button

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Product Information

Sending a loved one off to Boot Camp is a bittersweet occasion. On the one hand, the pride has you busting your buttons. But on the other hand, the sadness and worry can be overwhelming. Whether you are a Navy Mom or Dad, this kit has all the bases covered. It contains 11 cards perfectly suited to each week's activities throughout boot camp and beyond plus Mom or Dad gets a button pin to put on their jacket, purse, backpack, etc. that tells everyone you are the parent of a kid in boot camp. The kit contains the following cards:

You Got This! -to put into their send-off bag or to include in the going-away celebrations, or to prepare to send in the first batch of mail after receiving their address around week 3.

You Thought Your Parents Were Picky! - features an RDC instilling Navy values as only they can- via "close instruction." Your recruits will definitely relate! Write your thoughts in this card during week 2 and include it when that address comes.

Get Over Your Doubts and Fears - this card will come in the weeks when they are exhausted and starting to doubt themselves and yet they will also be learning to rely on their fellow Navy brothers and sisters to get through challenges like the Confidence Course. Send your encouragement that they have what it takes to make it.

Mail Call - That first mail call must seem like such a life line to the recruits! This card reminds them you wouldn't mind a letter back!

Signal Flags "CALL HOME" - Your recruit is learning info every day and signal flags is one task they will be expected to pass. This card urges them to call home as soon as they earn the chance. Let them know you are keeping your phone's volume on full!

Ready, Aim, Smile! - This coincides with the week they will be taking those photos you can't wait to get your hands on and marksmanship qualifications. Boot Camp is all down hill from here! Let them know now is the time to dig in and get those qualifications!

Recruit/Navy Hats - don't mention it by name in your card, they aren't allowed to discuss it. Battlestations is on the horizon and they are working hard to get that Navy hat and the all important PIR! The end is near! Send your encouragements and best positive messages!

Keep Your Head Down -Jokes - Every sailor is a firefighter and they will be learning to fight fires and going into the gas chamber to learn proper use of equipment. But the end is near! Let's celebrate with some jokes.

Congratulations! - If you got that all-important call saying, "Hey! I did it! I'm a sailor!" then get this card ready to take to PIR! 

Good Luck at A-School!-another good-bye, another send-off. Drop this in the mail to their A-School address or hand it to them with some cash tucked inside when you say "See You Later". 

Happy Birthday - Chances are, their first birthday after enlisting is going to be spent with their Navy family. Whether they are in the fleet, home on leave, at A-School or at Boot Camp, this card will help celebrate their first birthday as a sailor.

Pin Button - choose Mom or Dad version and either Red/Blue or Green/Orange - that reads "Floor Walkin', Sleep Deprived, Over-caffeinated, phone clutching Mom/Dad of a kid in Boot Camp"

All cards are blank inside for your message, except for the birthday card, which reads:

With birthdays come more than age
and as we chalk-up experiences,
we gain the memories of a lifetime.

We carry with us lessons learned,
reminisce on the memories,
and cherish the love we shared.

A sailor carries sunsets shared,
challenges overcome,
brothers and sisters forged in steel,
and the ever-present hope for
fair winds and following seas.

You are loved and cherished.

Happy Birthday!
(©Kelly Jelly Studio, LLC)






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